Oaxacan Diary: Day Ten – Part One.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 11, 2018 by brunyfire

With one remaining day still in Oaxaca; with the bags packed and the pots stached – fellow tour participant Amanda (from New York) has kindly asked Brunyfire to accompany her on a privately organised day trip. You bet!!

First stop – Hierve el Agua (Spanish for ‘the water boils’), a set of natural rock formations that resemble cascades of water. The site is located about 70 km east of Oaxaca city, past Mitla in the municipality of San Lorenzo Albarradas, with a narrow, winding unpaved road leading to the site. AA9D966C-E36A-429B-B83B-BF03A3369750The site itself consists of two rock shelves or cliffs which rise between fifty and ninety metres from the valley below, from which extend nearly white rock formations which look like waterfalls.51D3443A-EBDD-4D5E-89BD-1C375C7A60FA 0578A9C7-63D6-4D5E-A90F-69C78D9D38ADB831A8EE-CFC6-4031-944B-EE4C9DFC09B4These formations are created by fresh water springs, whose water is over-saturated with calcium carbonate and other minerals. BA1445C0-CD70-4415-BB73-B5BF0C76F56DAs the water is channeled over the cliffs, the excess minerals are deposited, much in the same manner as stalactites and stalagmites are formed. The calcium carbonate in the water is due to rainwater passing underground which gets absorbed by carbon dioxide, and forms molecules of carbonic acid. This acid comes into contact with underground marble and partially dissolves it creating calcium bicarbonate.

We both decide to do the round trip hike, which was an interesting experience given the total lack of any signage and numerous tracks that led nowhere. The total lack of any guard rails or safety warnings was also novel!!!!39CE76CB-9895-4345-BC87-5F823DD11567F9078235-72E6-4B8E-95B4-E2BF4E52DA8DThe waters, with their high mineral content, are reputed to have healing qualities and proved a welcome relief once we’d finished our trek. 6F2A1B4B-DCCC-418A-891D-6F7B78FB7B99F5B3E902-8B5E-4FA0-A5AD-29B475765D1F4D31F069-8981-4E79-8DB8-DA45060CF776The day was off to a great start – next stop, some mezcal tasting……..633CD90D-C349-4809-AD32-39964800495B