Earth an Fire: Riki’s Tours, Japan.

Riki’s Earth and Fire Tour – the final days…….

An early morning start and we’re all back at the train station leaving the lovely town of Hagi and headed for Kyoto, our last destination before the tour’s end.

Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) on an autumn rainy day and amongst the crowds……..

Ryōan-ji Temple (Rock Garden) and gardens………

Heading to the Camellia Garden for a tea ceremony, with one last handstand by Riki-san…….

Above, the lovely hands of Atsuko Mori at the Camellia Garden during a relaxing tea ceremony, and below, Janet-san drinking tea – tea bowls and sweets…….

A walk along the Philosopher’s Path……. to visit Robert Yellin at his gallery…….

Above – details of the glorious variations of glazes and textures on some of the pieces Robert had in his gallery. Robert is a mine of information, a dedicated fan of Japanese ceramics who is on a mission to remind people of their own rich tradition. He runs regular updates on exhibitions – visits studios and meets with artists from around the country. He has been a resident of Japan since the mid 1980s and Brunyfire came away, not only with a piece of Kaneta Masano’s work but a nice little book of Robert’s…..

A visit to Soryu Gama Pottery Studio………

……a contemporary studio in Kyoto run by Soryu Wakunami and Madoka Wakunami, who comes from a potting family. Between them, they bring a fresh new perspective to their domestic ware, using many traditional techniques. Of particular interest to Brunyfire was the use of tobi-kanna (the chatter-like design produced by a metal tool springing against leather-hard slip covered vessel)……..

…..with the left over porcelain debris of the ‘chattering’, Madoka fires these, often combining them with gold leaf and inserts them into glass balls as a series of jewellery – very cute…..

The last supper – our last night together in Kyoto and the end of our travels……..

……and finally, winging our way home……..


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