Brunyfire Abroad Again: Peru – Day 15.

Thursday 18th April, 2019. Today, the group is back on the coach and headed for Puno. The coach is quiet – everyone is feeling a little weary – the tour has been full on. The scenery though, is stunning as we travel through the high Altiplano region to Puno.D0928B1A-A178-4BDF-A0AC-C2D02A6355FDIt’s big sky country. The Colloa Andean or Bolivian Plateau, is situated in the west-central part of South America and is where the Andes are the widest. It is the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth outside Tibet stretching into neighbouring Bolivia and Argentina.0DFB90C6-A8A9-40C6-B8C9-AF76EA317E2BWe make a pit stop at its highest spot and despite the bitter cold and the freezing rain that feel like needles on our faces, we are immediately accosted by a local and her llama for photos.371D0968-490F-4A4F-9992-4CA1C33F913A1D899494-6485-4CE6-A1C6-2F143914A063We make a longer stop for lunch at Pucará and Brunyfire registers that this is where the small covered casserole from the San Pedro market was made. Inside what initially appeared to be Peru’s version of a greasy spoon highway café, Brunyfire was gratified to get served a way decent coffee and to find amongst the tacky souvenirs, a fabulous (but very dusty) corn popper. Happily parting with the equivalent of a few Aussie bucks, another traditional piece is added to the growing collection. It is not until we leave the town that we learn that Pucará is also home to the production of the clay bulls we have been seeing on rooftops as we pass through villages earlier. 1114C56E-3E9B-490B-832F-C2D2BD90C4B4Known as Torito de Pucara, the bulls are placed on the roof for good luck, fertility (of crops and livestock) and to bring prosperity. Much to Brunyfire’s frustration, we are unable to stop at one of the potter’s workshops……..58C66C5A-D14C-4CFD-A97A-F53325CAECE4………as we have to press onto Puno.EE4EFB8A-9320-4882-8D64-5911E9758034The first impression of Puno is not good! It appears to be run down and gritty, but our hotel is comfortable…….


…….the evening stroll through the main plaza is interesting…….

…….and the evening’s folk dancing dinner session, entertaining! 78538350-B2DA-4A1D-8FF3-4683DBA8203C



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