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Brunyfire Abroad Again: Peru – Day 8.

Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2019 by brunyfire

Thursday 11th April, 2019. A very early start today as we leave Nazca for Arequipa – a 12 hour drive, with two drivers working in shifts of three hours a time.411281B1-E2AB-41B1-8323-FF6696E38A2A301B60A7-22F4-44E6-A014-48CCCCF6124A555ACEC0-E219-49C9-89C0-3291B570306CA504ADA9-FC8C-46EB-AA63-2CBAEB817192AB510A83-76A2-497F-9980-D5DB585CDA1DWe stop every few hours to stretch our legs but finally get into Arequipa by night fall and check into Casa Andina…….FBF8E955-71CC-4011-8824-4806DE0606B2…….uninspiring but comfortable, and not too far from the city centre which is where we all head for for a late dinner and a quick look around before hitting the sack. 0408B7E7-EC63-45F7-9CC7-CBD023E17E08