Brunyfire in Brazil.

It all started with a love story several years ago now – not your conventional boy meets girl courtship with dates, dinners and dahlias but a slow smouldering, samba styled seduction of a Carioca Queen by an Aussie larrikin.Slide1 It took a while, and then there were three……….IMG_1886_2………but then the story (to date) is all here…… 2……….which is why Brunyfire found herself on a party boat in the middle of the bay overlooking Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the eve of 2016. As 24 tonnes of fireworks exploded around us, with over 2 million people partying on the beach, 2015 slipped behind us as 2016 was heralded in with a vengeance. imageTraditionally, the Brazilians celebrate the coming of a New Year dressed in white, preferably new clothes – and often flowers are thrown into the water – as this is a time of renewal – of new beginnings. And so it was, but not without a sense of grief as Brunyfire silently bid farewell to a tumultuous year and to the love of her life. But it was thanks to him, to John, that a whole new world has been made possible – to the seeking out of new and distant horizons through a fearlessness inherited through his grace and bravery – that found Brunyfire in the warmth of Brazil’s embrace.P1030323 Thanks to daughter-in-law Vivi’s careful planning over a period of several months, this is one Gringa who has become deeply smitten with Brazil – with its food, it’s culture, its people, its colour, it’s pride.fruitDSC01597bahianasIMG_9678IMG_1933_2Within a few short weeks, Vivi had provided a taste of her country that delved into the favelas of Rio and São Paulo, the jungle rivers of Para, world class restaurants, beach bar food, home cooking, high art and street graffiti, the women potters of Vittoria, the bianhas of Salvador, jungle fruits, hang gliding, scuba diving and more….. much more…..P1040765P1040811The following stories are a small thank you to her (Aaron and Sofia) and Vivi’s expansive family that made all this possible – to their kindness and humour and most of all, their generosity.IMG_1918_2





4 Responses to “Brunyfire in Brazil.”

  1. Janet DeBoos Says:

    So here I am in Hobart- and there you are in Brazil !!!
    Great timing again…Janet (DeBoos)

  2. Thank Penny! I’ve always believed a good travel is more than sightseeing … A travel for me should fulfil new knowledge, new directions (literally and not), new points of view and reflection… I am still figuring out all sort of feelings from this trip and it wouldn’t happen in first place if it wasn’t for you, so thank you immensely and I now know that I certainly could easily live for travelling my whole life … I love knowledge and those deep insights and feelings that every new place brings… Vx

    • My thoughts exactly – apart from being a great organizer, you were also a great travel companion – lets do it again sometime……..!!!

      • Absolutely!!!! I need this year to get myself sorted in a lot of little projects I have had in mind for awhile, but having you as a travel companion is just so beautiful… I sincerely enjoyed taking you in places and making you meet new people. Thank you so much again… I have been dating the idea of a few places for future… But I would love to show you more when you come to visit us over here! By the way, have completely forgotten that you asked me for the photos of Bacuri farm… I have a problem with it… Will email you about… My phone got broken… and the back up is in icloud… Will email you!

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