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Catalan Cheese Stories – Poncelet Cheese Bar.

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Barcelona’s Poncelet Cheese Bar is a more upmarket concept for tasting cheese than the smart delicatessen that is La Teca de Vila Viniteca. This latter establishment is a highly regarded, family owned gourmet food and wine shop that has been around since 1932.

The Poncelet Cheese Bar in Barcelona on the other hand is intended to deliver a much trendier gastronomic cheese experience, and is the more recent cousin of two that currently exist, the original of this type of cheese bar being in Madrid.imageSituated within the Hotel Meliá Sarriá, the Poncelet Cheese Bar in Barcelona was designed by estudi{H}ac, a design studio based in Valencia. estudi{H}ac’s brief was to develop a meeting point for cheese lovers, and all aspects of its deign philosophy reflected this – from the somewhat bizarre, cow ventilation shafts, complete with false grass………image………to the specially cast floor tiles.
imageimageBut in the end, it was about the cheese, and Poncelet’s menu boasts of more than 140 varieties from 17 regions in Spain and eight European countries, such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Ireland, and even a selection from the Unites States. Amongst those from Cataluña, the varieties included Tupí, Puigpedrós, Uff!, Fermió, Garrotxa.imageimageimageBut it was those from Cataluña that were of greatest interest, so despite the allusion of a well stocked cool room, Brunyfire’s Catalan cheeses of choice were not available. The dedicated young cheese master, Sergio Martinez did, however, manage to set up a platter of four……..image………and these included a couple of goat’s and cow’s milk cheeses, served with cubes of quince jelly, dried apricots, dried cranberries and raisins, and a nice light house white. However, without proper guidance, Brunyfire tasted the creamy, blue rinded sour cream goats cheese first, which had a strong soapy taste (not actually pleasant at all!) which tainted the taste of the remaining cheeses.

It was a quiet day – the lack of cheeses due to the fact that Barcelona was only just awakening from its August break – so Sergio had time to play the clown……..
imageimage………to an appreciative audience of one, who by that time was feeling very mellow.image




Poncelet Cheese Bar Address: Avinguda de Sarrià 50, Las Corts,                                                                     (in the same building as Melia Hotel Sarriá)                                                                                                   Web: &

(Check out the following site for some good interior shots of the whole bar: