Bush Billy Tea and Crumpets.

Given the disastrous fires in Tasmania during November and December, 2012 and the Southerlies that we get at the shack on Bruny, we decided it was high time to fell some of our trees that have always been a little too close for comfort.  These had been allowed to take off over the years and have become extremely tall and wave about alarmingly when we get high winds.

Not for nothing are Australian gums nicknamed ‘widder makers’.   We’ve seen them drop their branches on the stillest of days without a moments warning.  And then we’ve seen seemingly strong trees snap in half during a high wind.  All a bit scary, given that we’ve just spent the last couple of years building ‘the boatshed’, and didn’t fancy seeing it flattened before we’d completed it.

So we spent the best part of the day during the latter part of February, 2013 in a high state of tension as a group of tree fellers, or arborists as they are more properly known as, did their stuff.P1010787Brunyfire and co needn’t have worried though as they have used Modern Arbor – Professional tree services on a number of occasions. P1010769These guys were astounding!   P1010772Shinning up the tallest of trees with nothing more than a pair of spiked boots and a rope around their waist and the tree’s trunk in order to lop off branches and to take out their tops so they could land these giants safely.   P1010773Or shooting a weighted rope from a sling shot to secure a rope around a high branch and tie it securely in order to winch the beast over and make it fall in the desired spot – a truly awesome sight – epic David and Goliath. P1010779Whilst they did all the hard graft –  with the sawdust flying and the noise of chainsaws ripping into the tranquil quiet of the bay, Brunyfire got some of her own heat going in the firepit – applied the cast iron griddle with the crumpet rings in place………P1010838………….rustled up a batch of crumpet mixture and left it to rise in the sun………P1010839……….and started to make up a batch of crumpets for the crew for morning tea.P1010842Once they were browned off nicely……..

P1010847…….the crumpets got slathered with some local Bruny honey…………P1010844……….and the billy was put to boil for some peppermint gum tea.P1010854Bush billy tea and a couple of crumpets…………   Slide1…………for a couple of crumpets!

Brunyfire was so impressed with these gallants of the bush that this story is dedicated to Stuart Primrose  and his crew: Colin, Flavian and Corey – with heartfelt thanks.

More tea tales soon……….


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  1. you old flirt…

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