DARK MOFO’s Winter Feast.

Tonight, Tassie is witnessing the most magnificent and biggest moon of the year – a ‘super moon’ – that, and having just been through the longest (and to date, the coldest) night of winter, has created a metaphor of fire and ice that has been the theme of MONA‘s (the Museum of Old and New Art) latest endeavour DARK MOFO – a winter soltice celebration to combat the dreariness of short cold days and freezing rain.

DARK MOFO’s winter festival finished tonight (13-23 June, 2013), but during the course of its brief fiery trajectory through the realms of people’s consciousness, it has left a glorious spark fueled trail through people’s memories – from the large-scale public art projects to the diversity of the musical events, numerous exhibition openings and culminating in a Winter Feast, that saw visitors and Hobartians leave their warm firesides to brave the cold and into the night – in their thousands.

Proving to be the most popular commissioned work of the festival was Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda’s Spectra……..P1020592…….a light installation situated on Hobart’s domain that pierced the icy skies 15 km above the city.

The other art work that inspired the ‘ice’ of winter was Robin Fox’s mega watt laser piece that penetrated the Plane tree-lined peacefulness of Salamanca Place – periodically moving in time to heart stopping bass frequencies, articulated by smoke and mist the work created a tunnel of sound and light.P1020626But best of all was the winter feast held in Princes Wharf 1 over three nights.P1020631Brunyfire was there on the first night.  Inside, candle lit communal tables were set ready for the crowds that flooded the place for several hours, serviced by some of the best regional Tasmanian tucker from stallholders that lined both sides of the vast shed.  P1020600P1020620Outside though, was where the real action was taking place – fire was used for effect…….P1020605……..and warmth……….P1020622……..and of course, for cooking.  P1020611Fire and food really came together at its best with the Argentinian inspired lamb barbecued for 8 hours, parilla style by the droll duo Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz of Porteño, Surrey Hills.P1020612The Spanish word ‘parilla’ means a cooking grill or barbecue, it also has unfortunate associations with a particularly insidious method of torture whereby victims would be tied to a metal frame and subjected to electric shocks during Argentina’s ‘dirty war’ of the ’70s and ’80s.P1020606However, in this instance, the sacrificial lamb (so to speak) was dispatched humanely and served the purpose of feeding a multitude of appreciative carnivores.

Other forms of fire and food were ingeniously created by Vince Trim, MONA’s Executive Sous Chef.  P1020639According to Jo Cook, food curator – Vince is a bit of a genius in the developing 0f different barbecue and grill setups.  Here’s just a few…………Slide1……..looking rather like another form of Medievil instrument of torture, the rack – this system allows the grill to be raised and lowered depending on how hot the food for grilling needs to be.  Whilst the churrasco ‘swords’ look more about the spoils of war than the dainty morsels we’re used to seeing on the end of a satay stick.Slide2

Flaming satay. P1020642Good food and a great night out………


2 Responses to “DARK MOFO’s Winter Feast.”

  1. Wow, I really missed out on this one, it looks like Mr Walsh has out done himself again!

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