Island Cookbook: A Taste of Islands.

Brunyfire has been writing a number of pieces about open hearth cooking and local (foraged whenever possible) foods, hastening to add whilst the wildlife of Bruny Island are often included in these stories, none has ever been dealt a blow from my hand.  Only because I’m too cowardly and squeamish to do so which, I’m somewhat abashed at admitting, does nothing to dull my appetite for meat.These were a pot full of wallaby shanks cooked up during a walk on the wild side at the Red Feather Cooking School.

A couple of other stories previously posted have also involved wallaby  (check Char Grilled Wallaby and Big Red & Li’le Kanga) which has led to a published piece in………….

                                     A Taste of Islands

This is a publication of 60 recipes and stories from around the world, compiled and edited by Anna and Godfrey Baldacchino.

Godfrey Baldacchino holds the position of Canada Research Chair (Island Studies) at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada and is Vice-President of the International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA).  His wife Anna is a passionate cook, who has cooked up a storm in many of the islands they have both visited as part of their association with ISISA.

The book publication spiel states that:

Food is the quintessential social jelly of our lives. We make new friends and consolidate existing ones around meals; we use food to mark events in our lives; we share in our joys and sorrows by breaking bread together.

There is a connection between certain food and where it comes from. Can there be a North American thanksgiving without turkey and pumpkin pie? Or a Dragon Boat Festival in China without zhong-zi? Mexico without tapas? India without curry?

Besides the standard information necessary to these 60 delicious recipes from islands all over the world — ingredients and method of preparation — individual authors elaborate on what each signature dish tells us about its island through its historical and anthropological story.

A Taste of Islands will be available for shipping on Nov. 14, 2012 from the University of Prince Edward Island but in the meantime, you can check out Brunyfire’s contribution right here:  Char Grilled Wallaby.


4 Responses to “Island Cookbook: A Taste of Islands.”

  1. Cool, in print…

  2. Nice one! Congratulations! Now for that wall of glossy “Clay Pot Cooking” by Brunyfire hardcovers in the bookshops!

  3. Cheers smith+purton – workin’ on the dream….

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