Rose Petal Jam & Rock Eating Bears.

Inspired by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target’s book Rose Petal Jam: Recipes & Stories from a Summer in Poland….…….Brunyfire decided last summer to make her own from the roses that were flourishing at the Fireman’s house.Collecting roses can be a prickly business, so best to leave it to someone with a sense of humour when the prickles ‘bite’. Whilst the roses picked on this occasion where admittedly the garden variety, and this blog is supposed to involve foraged foods……….

…….the best roses are therefore, the wild ones that are found most anywhere.  These are most likely to be the Sweet Briar  or Rosa rubiginosa which is closely related to the dog rose, or Rosa canina. The ones below were found on the way to Bruny Island

The following recipe is actually for Rose Petal Jelly, as it gives a more beautiful result and is a lot less messing about than making jam.  The following recipe comes from Joanna’s Food blog.

Rose Petal Jelly

  • 1 litre rose petals
  • Juice two lemons
  • 1 kilo  sugar
  • 1 litre water

Pick the roses when they are fully open, but not over, and check for their scent as you pick, because some roses become more scented as the flowers develop, other lose their scent quickly. The pinker the petals, the deeper red the finished jelly will become.

Pull the petals off the stalk, and loosely fill a one-litre measuring jug. Check for insects. Put the petals in a stainless steel saucepan with a litre of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. They will completely lose their colour…..……and the water will turn a murky shade of reddish-brown.  But never fear, they will smell delicious. Strain this into a glass bowl and cool.

Add the lemon juice, and magic happens!  The murky brown becomes a beautiful and bright pink. Pour this back into the pan, and add one kilo of sugar. When the sugar has disappeared, turn up the heat a little and bring to the boil. It will take 10 minutes to reach setting point. Strain the jelly through muslin and store in sterilized jars.

This particular batch was brought out when The Fireman arrived for a sleepover at Mount Nelson. The next day was an important one for a safari hunter running an ‘African Wild Bush Park Zoo as the hunt was on for the rare Rock Eating Bear……..……which is hungry work so hunter’s need to be excellent outdoor cooks and skilled in fire management.Having tended the fire, fortified the stockade, girded his gunbelt and mixed the batter…….

……the Fireman makes the pancakes and devours his snack before the next hunting session.What with Bears in de bush……..……… and a Maus in der haus to worry about, a chap can work up quite an appetite……! His mother’s graphics are much advanced since the days she decorated the plate above – check out the smith + purton site for some fabulous contemporary home ware products…………….


4 Responses to “Rose Petal Jam & Rock Eating Bears.”

  1. Great photos of Jethro bush-cooking! I can see why he loves sleepovers so much!

  2. By the way, feel free to pillage the roses again, all for the mere price of a jar of your jelly of the gods!

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