Adrift from my island paradise for a few essential days on the ‘mainland’, Brunyfire was arrested in mid stride on the way to the bank (down Collins Street) by a swing sign above that read simply…..…..intrigued – it transpires that this is the latest gastronomic offering in Tassie’s culinary capital. Charcoal is in fact a wine bar featuring tapas and woodfired pizzas.  Situated at 154 Collins Street, it has been open for the past 3 weeks.

It was the thought of checking out the wood oven that intrigued me, so on a really foul wintery windy evening, with the wind rattling the windows and lamp posts, we decided to check it out. Not bad…..A nice ambiance that was only marred temporarily when the wind blew down the wood oven’s chimney, spewing smoke and ash around the kitchen……… ……but then my sense of the dramatic has been heightened recently by marathon viewings of all the Harry Potter movies……..…….and so it was hard to know which movie I was in at times – The Goblet of Fire or The Lord of the Rings?We had a combination of tapas and pizza followed by cheese and biscuits, desert, a nice Pinot Gris and finally washed down with an espresso with Sambucca.  But to start, first tapas – the crispy pork belly bites with a plum mayonnaise was pretty delicious.On the same platter, tea smoked ocean trout tortellini with saffron foam and snow pea leaf salad……This latter, whilst very tasty, was a bit luke warm which was a shame.The jamon pizza, however was fabulous – nice crispy thin dough base…………topped with a couple of soft poached quail eggs.  This was followed by cheese and biscuits and desert. John had the better of the two choices – a chocolate pud with soft centre…….……whilst Brunyfire opted for the Lollylicious! A sweet pizza with a custard base topped with assorted lollies.  It sounded fanciful, but was not to my taste!Our waitress was very sweet (‘scuse the pun) and wrapped my desert up to bring home where it found a permanent home outside for the curawongs.

Charcoal has some nice design details that include the art work of local artist, Tricky Walch, whose quaint drinks coasters are no doubt going to cost the restaurant a fortune as procured mementos.Check it out…….


2 Responses to “Charcoal.”

  1. Oh man, looks awesome. Pork belly alone…mmmmm.

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