Napier and Nanna Fare.

Friday 2nd March.

Napier is better known for its 1930s Art Deco architecture than its ‘nanna’ food.  But it was the latter that was my most endearing and enduring memory of Napier.  And wouldn’t you know it, the first European to see the future site of Napier was Captain James Cook who had sailed down the east coast in October 1769.  Just can’t seem to shake the guy – from Adventure Bay on Bruny Island and again, here in Napier.

Napier was leveled in 1931 by an earthquake that also claimed over 256 lives.  In the consequent rebuilding, the whole town was rebuilt in a single style that has provided the world with a unique collection of buildings of a particular era and style.

Looking more like dainty pastries than buildings, Napier’s down town central is a pretty delicious looking place……So with food very much on our mind, I was delighted to find the Farmer’s Market was in full swing in the local Shire car park – normally held in the street, but undercover today as it was blowing a gale.  There was a great range of goodies to choose from, ranging from relishes…..

……to fruit liqueurs…….Hey – Che lives and he likes jam!!

It’s amazing who you spot in a Farmer’s Market.  Che and all his little revolutionaries decided to stock up for a picnic, and selected a range of hand made cheeses…..……and smoked fish of all kinds from the Smoke Hut……Right opposite the car park/Farmer’s Market, we spotted a very elegant photography gallery…….inside of which was The Kitchen Table Cafe, an eclectic mix of retro domestic, good coffee and tasty food.It’s been an observation I’ve noted that as we’ve traversed the country, stopping off at small country towns for breaks between destinations, that there is a real sentimental nostalgia for things past.  Unlike the Aussies who mercilessly bag the British food legacy, the Kiwi’s seem to embrace it.  Reading a number of Kiwi cook books and magazines, I’ve noticed the frequent reference to a love of ‘baking’.   The tradition of making of cakes and biscuits seems to be a time honoured practice of keeping Nanna’s recipes alive – a quaint and respectful pastime.

The Kitchen Table was a kind of shrine to these sentiments………

….and even a domestic goddess has to powder her nose sometime…………….

The Kitchen Table Cafe
138 Tennyson St
(Photographers’ Gallery)
Napier City
Farmer’s Market
Lower Emerson Street,
(if wet, Municipal Theatre Carpark, Tennyson Street)
Every Saturday

One Response to “Napier and Nanna Fare.”

  1. That Zoe’s Garden Beetroot Relish was beautiful. I ate the lot. Well, it had MY name on it! Napier looks like my kinda town. More architecture photos!!!

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