Martinborough: Village of Pinot Noir.

Friday 2nd March.

On the road again, this time headed out of Wellington to Martinborough to track down more of the Pinot Noir that we had tasted at Logan-Brown.  Martinborough is a cute little village of some 1300 full-time inhabitants.  First stop was the Martinborough Village Cafe……Decent coffee, and a nice atmosphere – must have been a Mum’s morning, as the place was crowded out with young Mum’s and their offspring – lots of pushchairs and pandemonium!  But better still was the wine centre next door, full of local produce, including some beautiful little bottles of olive oil…..Molive Gold is a boutique award winning, hand-picked blended virgin olive oil from Molive.  This was such a great little souvenir product, that I decided to keep it for myself!

The Cafe must also figure largely in the annual wine, food and music festival, The Toast of Martinborough if these fabulous posters hanging on the cafe walls was anything to go by.

During November, the wine festival is a major draw card for this otherwise sleepy little town, swelling the population by 10,000.

However, we were here for the more serious business of wine tasting, so we mosseyed on down to the Martinborough Vineyards….. …….where we were given a royal sampling of some very nice drops.

Martinborough has a large number of wine producing vineyards, notably Pinot Noirs.  The place has a warm micro-climate, with hills to the east and west and almost all the vineyards occur in thin ribbons around the northern and eastern sides of the town.

My tipple of choice was the Burnt Spur Pinot Gris 2011 at NZ$22 a bottle – grown on clay based soil – how appropriate is that for a mud wrangler.  Described as having ‘heady aromas of pear, nectarine and ginger on the nose with citrus and floral notes in the background.  This wine is crafted to be enjoyed in its youth, but will cellar well for 3-5 years…….”…..if it can last that long!

Village Cafe,
6 Kitchener Street,

Martinborough Vineyard
Martinborough, New Zealand

101 Cromarty Drive

Martinborough 5784



One Response to “Martinborough: Village of Pinot Noir.”

  1. Mud wrangler…indeed. Keepin’ it real.

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