Bangers ‘n’ Mash: Bruny style.

For a truly authentic Bruny style ‘bangers ‘n’ mash’ made with pork sausages, wood-smoked bacon, dry apple cider and apple rings – try the following………….The ingredients: First – grab yourself some of Ross O’Meara’s handmade pork and fennel snags – produced on his Lunawanna farm property on Bruny from his own rare breed pigs, and some wood-fired smoked bacon from Boks.These are available for those lucky enough to shop at A Common Ground’s tiny outlet at Salamanca Place in Hobart.  Looking rather like Harry Potter’s bedroom under the stairs, this tiny shop is magical in its sourcing of the freshest and the most original of produce from around the State.    (Matt Evans from SBS’s Gourmet Farmer fame, selling Brunyfire an autographed version of his latest cook book Winter on the Farm).

Also from A Common Ground, I purchased a bottle of Real Tasmanian Apple Cider.……………..made from traditional old English Sturmer Pippins – this is an unfiltered, bottle fermented farmhouse cider using only apples and yeast.

The method: The joys of cooking on Bruny are all connected with the outdoor kitchen (started in 2008, this is a work in progress) and using clay cooking pots from my collection.  Onions and garlic where first browned on embers that had been swept out of the wood oven (just after a round of pizzas had been cooked).  With the door closed to retain the heat within the oven, the preliminary cooking was done utilising the residual embers in the oven’s ash tray in a Chinese sandpot.
Grilling and browning the sausages on the wood oven embers, whilst cooking the smoked bacon.

A little flour was stirred into the remaining meat juices to make a gravy, and then the cider was added.  All the ingredients where then placed in a couple of (particularly special) casseroles that had been pre-warmed, and then placed into the oven for about half an hour………..…..along with a couple of apple crumbles for desert.  These bowls are slip-cast porcelain with a rare Bruny Island ochre slip providing a colourful outer finish to the bowls, made in my Mount Nelson studio.The casseroles in question are from John’s hometown of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Pearson and Co. potteries were based in Whittington Moor, near Chesterfield and they were well known for their range of salt glazed ceramic cookware.  Pearson & Co. was established around 1800 and continued production right up until 1994.  Slice up some apples and core them, quickly fry them in butter, and add them to the dish during the last 5 minutes of cooking – serve with creamy (add loads of cream, salt and pepper) mashed spuds!More great dishes – to eat and cook by – to follow soon………..


3 Responses to “Bangers ‘n’ Mash: Bruny style.”

  1. Oh Pen, what gorgeous photographs. The thought of those bangers and mash are making me weak at the knees. I will keep my eye out for more Pearson dishes at the op shop. You are so clever, gush, gush. Lots of love Bind XXXX

  2. this already looks like a glossy mag…

  3. Stalking Matthew Evans, eh? You foodies will stop at nothing!

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